Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to communicate with the workers?

Absolutely, we are a multi-cultural company that provides an english speaking foreman on site at all times.

Will I ever see the person who designs my project after I commission the work?

The person that provides your estimate will be working on your job. The person who starts the project in the estimate phase will be there during construction and when the project is over, overseeing every step of the process.

Do I need a permit for the work?

Anything on the landowner's property that is on ground level, including walls, patios, and walkways does NOT need a permit. Only projects encroaching onto county property requires a permit. Our estimators will always let you know if a permit will be required.

What if we are unsure about doing the work?

We are always happy to come out, free of charge, with no implied obligation. If you just need suggestions, we are more than willing to help.

Do you provide general landscape needs?

We work hand in hand with a ground maintenance company, so you can obtain all of your landscaping needs in house, through us. Including grass cutting, tree trimming and removal, and mulching.

What if I recieve an estimate from you, but don't want the work done right away. How long is the estimate good for?

Estimates are good for up to one year from the date of issue. The only increase would be based on a rise in material cost.

Are we cool with this?


Why should I choose you?

We're the best, we are THE landscapers.

What is the difference between flagstone and slate?


Why choose pavers?

Pavers are the most cost effective option for creating outdoor living spaces and aesthetically appealing walkways. They last longer than other hardscape materials, require little to no maintenance, and are usually less expensive that other options. And they look cool.

Can we change things once the project has begun?

Of course, just ask the foreman on site to write up a change-order. A cost increase or decrease breakdown can be provided within hours, so as to not delay the project.

Are we easy to work with?