Our Story

The Landscapers, LLC started out as a dream for two young brothers on the verge of entering the "real world." A business that would prosper fulfilling their broad goal to build, work together, be outside, and have fun.

The Browns

Evan and Garrett Brown grew up in the outskirts of Silver Spring with a passion for the outdoors and a determination to succeed in whatever they set their minds to. During the winter months, they would walk door to door making extra money shoveling snow for their neighbors, their success sparking an entrepreneurial spirit that is responsible for their current situation as co-founders and business owners.

Their father worked on the landscape of their home religiously, and over the years of helping, the boys grew a strong love for the art of maintaining a beautifully functioning garden.

During the summer and between school hours, Evan and Garrett worked for plant nurseries such as Behnkes and Country Nursery, as well as working for a tree specialist. But a neighorhood landscaper turned out to be the greatest motivation for these two aspiring business owners.

He was a seasoned veteran who ran a small gardening and maintenance operation based four houses away from where Evan and Garrett grew up. Together they worked for their friend, not only gaining valuable landscape business knowledge, but more importantly, achieving great confidence in their own skills through the real time practice of all that they had learned through their years of experience in the field.

The young professionals had mastered their craft, and when the opportunity presented itself in the spring of 2003 to start something of their own, the two brothers took full advantage of the situation, thus beginning The Landscapers, LLC.

It was not long before their business was running efficiently, and the buzz in the neighborhoods was getting progressively louder. Over the course of the company's history, they have grown exponentially, and do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

As long as people value both aesthetically appealing and functionally sound landscaping, done with an ethical and honest business code, this company has a bright future servicing residential and commercial properties throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area for many years to come!